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What exactly does “Green Carpet Cleaning” mean? We realize this concept of “green cleaning” is more complex than just switching ingredients in a chemical. It’s more about putting emphasis upon the process, procedures and the overall dedication of the company as opposed to the cleaning solution itself. This is something we take seriously as it impacts on your family’s health and the environment we live in. From the company vehicle (we use a small economical vehicle and not a gas guzzling van) to the high powered portable equipment we use ( no machines running on gas), Green Ape Carpet Cleaning is making major strides in being the real green carpet cleaning solution for Tennessee! For the healthiest carpet cleaning you have ever seen call or text 865-851-3295!

1 Hour Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning 

Our exclusive dry carpet cleaning method is fast drying. Steam cleaning systems can leave your carpet wet for 24 hours or more.   We understand that your time is valuable. We want to get you back to normal life as quickly as possible. In fact, our typical dry times are around 1 hour. Our low moisture process achieves this.   This process can use 90% less water then traditional steam cleaners.  No humid house and no wet feet.  For the greenest dry carpet cleaning in Tennessee call or text 865-851-3295!

Green Ape Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1.  Vacuum the carpet.

At Green Ape Carpet Cleaning we use only shark vacuums with the most powerful suction to remove as much dry soil as possible. 

Step 2.  Spot Treatment.

Using a green formulated spot remover, we are able to remove most of the typical spots from daily use on the carpet.  There are some stains that require a non-green treatment to be removed and you will be given the option to use those treatments.  The choice is yours.

Step 3.  Pre-Spray application.

A green pre-spray treatment will be sprayed onto the carpet.  Heavy traffic areas will receive extra attention to ensure that the solution breaks up all the ground in dirt and oil.

Step 4.  Mechanical Agitation of Pre-Spray

We take it another step further than most carpet cleaners.  We use a special microfiber pad or our counter rotating brush machine that lightly agitates the carpet where it is most needed, the high traffic lanes.  This step allows the green carpet cleaning to be as effective as those using harsh compounds.

Step 5.  Removal of Soil

Using a the latest in high-powered, low moisture carpet cleaning equipment, we further agitate the solution deeper into the carpets.  Our cleaner oscillates at an awesome 1725 rpm which allows us to clean all sides of the fiber while protecting the carpet fiber. Using a super absorbent pad, the dirt and stains are pulled from carpet, while lifting the carpet fibers.  We also use the counter rotating brush machine which brings the dirt to the surface. We can then vacuum what it pulls out of your carpet.With this process we are able to clean the carpets with 1/10th of the water typically used in steam cleaning while cleaning down to the base of the fiber.  Any soil remaining in the carpet with be removed with the next vacuuming due to the cleaners special drying process that coats the dirt so it will not reattach to the carpet fibers. Carpets also dry in an hour or less!  Less down time for you.

Step 6.  Grooming/Post Vacuum

This step allows the carpet fibers to be lifted and groomed to rapidly dry.
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