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Carpet Cleaning
Will my carpet resoil quicker after cleaning?

Not with our method! The carpet fibers repel dirt. You will pick up more dirt each time you vacuum.  However, the case with lesser cleaning systems is very different because chemical residues that attract soil are left in your carpet after cleaning.  With our method your carpet is left soil and residue free!

How long will it take to dry?

The Green Ape method normally dries in 30 minutes to an hour.  Variations of drying times are due to carpet type, amount of soil, humidity, air movement, and room temperature.

Will cleaning damage my carpet?

Not with Green Ape! You could clean your carpet every day using this system.  Steam cleaning is harder on the carpet and is not recommended on a daily or even a weekly basis because of the amount of water left in the carpet causing long dry times.  This can promote rot, mildew, and bacteria growth.  Carpet damage resulting from steam cleaning is usually not the fault of cleaning itself, but because of harsh methods, superheated water, residue-laden chemicals, detergents and poor quality workmanship.  You can trust the unique cleaning system to be the very best.

Will all the stains come out?

Almost all stains will come out but we cannot guarantee that all stains will be removed.  You can be sure that we will treat all persistent stains, removing any that are not permanent.  When a stain is judged to be permanent, we do have the ability to use special treatment methods that we will discuss with you.

What should we do before the cleaning is done?

With just a little assistance from you, we will make sure your special mementos and treasures are kept safe.  Please remove all breakables, small furniture pieces and personal items from areas to be cleaned.  Closet floors must be emptied before cleaning.  Full length draperies and upholstery skirts should not be resting on carpet.  Please hang or pin up to prevent contact with the carpet.  Please call to our attention any stains or other items that may need special attention.  We want you to be completely satisfied with our work in every respect.  Beds, dressers, tv's, stereo, and computers are not moved.

What can be done to help maintain my carpet's appearance?

Our cleaner has a built in polymer to help your carpet stay clean.  The polymer bonds to all parts of each individual fiber, thus reducing the ability  for dirt, grease and staining materials to attach themselves and become permanent. (much like nonstick coatings on kitchenware).  Vacuuming and spot cleaning will be easier and carpet life is extended.

Does cleaning my carpet help my indoor air quality?

Absolutely!  Your carpet will be sanitized of bacteria, mildew, fine particulates, dust mites, smoke residue, and other chemicals that settle into your carpet. 
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